National Medical Administrators, Inc.

Collection Services

Businesses today cannot afford income leakage.

No business likes to call their customers about a past due bill, but cash flow is the life blood of every business. That’s why our team provides prompt and professional account servicing to bring those accounts current, reducing Accounts Receivable balances and shortening your Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) cycle. Our team of FDCPA and HIPAA compliant experts will do this while preserving your customers’ integrity and protecting your brand throughout the collection process.

Most businesses do not possess the tools for an effective receivables’ management program.

Our proprietary collection platform is designed to maximize contact with your customers. It provides system driven work queues to follow up on payment promises, returned checks, preferred contact times, and prioritized workflows for our agents. It is also designed to identify trend lines for continuous improvement modeling on your portfolio. Our technology, coupled with our deep industry expertise, will increase customer collections for your business without cutting corners on customer satisfaction.

Our people make the difference.

Even with the best collection technology available, no collection program will be successful without the right people. By partnering with us, you are assured of a dedicated team of professionals that are leveraging years of industry served best practices to bring you the most professional, compliant, and effective program in the industry today. Our goal is to reduce your delinquent Accounts Receivable and retain your customer in the process.