National Medical Administrators, Inc.

Customer Care & Retention

Your reputation matters.

Replacing an existing customer with a new one is far more expensive than ever before. Unresolved complaints and substandard service will diminish your brand, and our rapid reaction society makes this an even more pointed issue. Customer retention will always be the bedrock for building your business and your brand.

Customers want uncompromising service.

Your customer does not want to wait on hold. They don’t want to speak with an agent they cannot understand. They want their issue resolved in one phone call, email, or chat. Our Six Sigma based processes for customer care, billing/statement services, help desk, and order/returns processing do just that. Our solutions are based upon industry best practices. They are flexible, scalable, and quality driven to further your brand and exceed your customers’ expectations.

Sometimes exceptional service is not enough.

It is an unfortunate fact that all businesses lose customers and it is not always the business’s fault. Sometimes there are financial considerations; customers’ accounts become past due and professional discussion about their bill is needed. We do that well. Sometimes, the customer has been looking at another brand for a product or service and win-back calls are necessary. We do that well, too, along with surveys and cross-sell and up-sell services. All of this is designed with your business goals in mind.