National Medical Administrators, Inc.

Healthcare BPO Services

Empower your patients.

The world of health and wellness can be daunting to patients. Our purpose is to remove that intimidation and positively impact their experience. Whether it is appointment scheduling, benefits verification, pre-certification services, or managing patients’ claims and billing questions, we’re here to provide clear answers in a prompt and HIPAA compliant manner.

Allow us to navigate.

Whether you are a healthcare provider or a payer, our platform improves quality of service by maximizing simplicity, ease and clarity. Whether it’s transcription, coding, charge entry, billing, claims management, or revenue cycle management, our professionals are focused on boosting productivity to allow our healthcare clients to focus on quality of care.

Make the relationship with the patient matter.

It’s more than just fielding questions and moving on to the next patient. Each contact is an opportunity for the patient to engage. Informed, engaged patients make healthier decisions — period. Through our years of experience serving and delighting patients with our world class service, patients obtain all the information they need on the first interaction. That is the NMA difference.